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IFA Oncofertility Patients Fund

IFA Oncofertility working group and Patient Fund

  • Objective: Reinforce the access to Fertility preservation methods for oncological patients
  • Oncofertility Charity Fund: Financial support for pre-chemotherapy fertility preservation for patients in need, in regions where this medical service is not yet covered by medical insurers
  • Workshops and PR events bringing together local Oncology societies and Fertility/Gynecological societes, promoting awareness about Oncofertility topics and experience in order to support a mindset change, in countries in which Oncofertility is not yet a widespread service offered to oncological patients
IFA Oncofertility Patients Fund

Fertility Diagnostics working group

  • Objective: Spread awareness and education about a complete Fertility Diagnostic approach, encompassing all the relevant disciplines such as gynaecology, surgery or immunology resulting in designed treatment protocols strictly tailored to the patient personal conditions
  • Workshops and seminars for gynaecologists, IVF specialists, surgeons on developed guidelines and protocols in order to ensure early and precise diagnosis
  • Development of a Fertility app in cooperation with IFA experts allowing patients initial diagnosis features and relevant fertility advice and guidance
IFA Oncofertility Patients Fund

IFA Ferti-Support working group

  • Objective: Streamline the cooperation between medical and paramedical Fertility experts to build meaningful holistic Fertility support protocols as an integral part of a patient’s Fertility journey
  • A unique working group seeking for innovations in Fertility treatment guidelines linking together different elements of medicine and paramedicine, such as psychology, acupuncture, nutrition, yoga, physiotherapy to reduce stress of Fertility treatments and increase their chance of success
  • Support programs awareness to be spread through partnered Fertility portals and specialized workshops
IFA Oncofertility Patients Fund

IFA comes up with a unique scientific study

  • It is reaching out to donors who once donated their eggs or those now considering a donation.
  • The study is designed to improve the donation procedure and related services, including its safety, comfort and also analyses the rationale for donation.
  • One of our main goals as a partner of IVF clinics is to develop international guidelines on Egg Donation that provide for a safe and sound environment for donors.