Advancing fertility,

IFA is on a mission to spread awareness on fertility, provide support for people that are or could be facing fertility issues and promote research and collaboration between the world’s leading experts.

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About IFA

About IFA

An alliance created by fertility experts, IVF patients, organizations and institutions, the International Fertility Alliance (IFA) strives primarily to help patients in need, find new treatment solutions while examining existing ones (research) as well as to educate our future generations on a topic that concerns us all.

According to World Health Organization

According to World Health Organization

One in six couples (c. 17%) worldwide experience some form of infertility problem - and this number is growing.

This means for every one person someone in their closest surrounding (family, friends, co-worker) is dealing with some kind of infertility issue.

This is why believe that support to patients, education, prevention and investment in research is essential towards a healthier and prosperous future.


The field of fertility diagnostics, preservation, and assisted reproduction has advanced dramatically over the past decades with science now offering solutions that were only dreamt of even a few years ago. Despite the advancements, the need for heavy investments in technologies and training meant that patient clinics often developed outside of large research and university centers. Unfortunately, this led to a growing communication gap between these expert groups and a slowing down of the pace of patient outcome improvements.

IFA aims to create the best combined patient outcome, from diagnostics to treatment, by uniting experts from all fields including:
  • Clinical doctors and embryologists
  • University researchers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Paramedical professionals
  • Non-Governmental organizations


Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

We see a future where everyone has access to information to better understand fertility and infertility.

We see a future where fertility treatments are widely available to those in need.

We see a future where transparency and social contribution by uniting leading fertility experts will make all of it possible.

Our Working Groups are composed of leading experts in the field of reproductive medicine who assess potential IFA partners for adherence to our mission and philosophies. The committee is responsible for admission and governance of partner responsibilities stemming from their participation with International Fertility Alliance.

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IFA is partnering with global leaders in the field of reproductive medicine including universities, research institutions, clinics, and NGOs. These partnerships strive to facilitate access to information, training, and research collaboration with the common goal of providing a better future for fertility treatment.

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IFA’s events and activities aim to engage and directly benefit young adults, oncological patients, public interested in IVF, and medical professionals with educational resources and research at every level.

  • Open Doors at Unica Brno. October 24, 2019 from 17.30 to 20.00.
  • IFA Prague Symposium 2019. Unica Clinic Praha. November 2, 2019.