Oct 19, 2021

The International Fertility Alliance (IFA) comes up with a unique scientific study.

The International Fertility Alliance (IFA) comes up with a unique scientific study. It is reaching out to donors who once donated their eggs or those now considering a donation. The study gathers their thoughts and experience to improve the donation procedure and related services and is being implemented with an international network of partnered clinics. Were you once a donor or thinking about becoming one? Do you want to participate in the IFA study and get an instant €200 reward? Then read further!

Sharing your thoughts can help others
There isn´t anyone who could tell more about being an egg donor than an egg donor herself. Going through the procedure of donating your eggs and help another couple to create their own family is, without a doubt, a selfless act of kindness. But have you ever thought about the fact that even your experience is highly valuable? Whether you were once a donor or just considering an egg donation, we want to hear your thoughts! One of our main goals as a partner of IVF clinics is to draft guidelines and standards to improve comfort and service to all egg donors. And this is something you can help us do! What is it that the clinicians should focus more on? Is there anything you didn´t understand in the process? And what is it that you appreciate the most?

How does the questionnaire look?
For the IFA study purposes, we´ve created a simple questionnaire that is very easy to fill. It is an online form that you can access from the comfort of your home, and it only takes a few minutes of your time. The questionnaire is anonymous, so you feel at ease to answer the questions completely honestly. We ask a few questions about you and your background to understand your motivation and approach to donation better. We are also curious about your thoughts on the donation itself. Whether you have all the information you need and you understand every step of the procedure well. Based on this information, we can improve the donation process and make it a pleasant experience for all future egg donors.

Do you want to share your past or future egg donor experience and get a €200 reward? Fill in the contact form right here: